2012 November

Reasons for a Valuation

There are many reasons to seek valuation. Seek valuation if you find yourself in a situation listed below. Buying all or part of a business Selling all or part of a business Mergers Corporate or partnership dissolutions or reorganizations Divorce Shareholder/Partner Disputes Buy/Sell Agreements Economic Damages Litigation Estate planning Employee Share Ownership Plans (ESOPS) Income Taxes […]

Types of Valuation Reports

We are frequently asked the question: what are the types of Valuation Reports? Here is a summary of each and what these Valuation Reports entail. Comprehensive Valuation Report Contains a conclusion as to the value of shares, assets or an interest in a business Based on a comprehensive review and analysis of the business, its […]

Hello and welcome

Welcome to the new McCay Duff Business Valuations & Consulting website. In the spirit of all things new, give us a little time to expand our content and move forward to making this site an indispensable resource for your business. We will be bringing your articles, answers to your biggest questions, all right here on our slick new […]